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Wait a Second Here. What About My Privacy?

Premier believes your personal information is your property, not ours.

Here's the deal: we don't really want to know your real name. We don't really want to know your email address. We especially don't want to know your snail mail address. We don't want to know your age, or anything else personally identifiable about you. Some services (such as email notifications of upcoming homework) may require email addresses, but that is

  • optional
  • not for students under the age of 12 who do not have parental or teacher consent

All we require is a username and password, and a ZIP or Postal code so we can find out if you're from a client school or not. We also ask if you're in middle, high, or elementary, because some of our clients get all three types of agendas, believe it or not!

So we know that someone from School X in ZIP/Postal code Y is entering the Discover Zone, but we don't know who ... or anything else personal about you. We think that'll make you feel more comfortable in the Discover Zone.

And that makes us more comfortable too!

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