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OK, Here's the Legal Stuff

First off, a lawyer didn't write this, and you don't have to be a lawyer to read this. (A lawyer did review this, though!)

Basically, here's the deal:
You're allowed to use this material as a student, teacher, or parent if (and only if) you or your school purchased Premier's Discover Agendas. It's that simple. If you or your school haven't bought our Discover Agendas, you're out of luck. You're allowed to poke around as a guest, but you are not allowed to use this site continuously or for instructional purposes.

Also, you should know ...
Some of the ideas and concepts (intellectual property) used in this site and Premier's Discover Agendas belong to the Franklin Covey Co. We have a license to use it, but they own it. In fact, here's their legal statement: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" - source for much of the Discover Agendas - is copyrighted and trademarked content of Franklin Covey Co. ©Franklin Covey Co.

And finally ...
Occasionally you may see things like Put First Things First®. These are registered trademarks of Franklin Covey, and here's their language around that: "The above marked trademark is the property of Franklin Covey Co. All rights reserved."

But wait - most importantly of all ...
This site is for you, whether you're a student or a teacher or a parent. And it's for having fun, and learning a few things, mostly about yourself. And it's for helping you be the successful person you know you can be!